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Major League Audio is a group of professional audio engineers, experienced musicians and, most importantly, music lovers with one goal in mind: come up with the best Hip Hop samples, sounds and drum kits on the market.

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As soon as I checked out the first samples, i knew I was going to love this kit.What I loved is that I could insert them in some beats I previously made, and they fit perfectly. There is no annoying clicks or pops at the end of the samples, like other drum kit you can find on the internet, all the sounds are well chopped and processed, which make them ready to use. I will definately keep an eye on Major League Audio, to see what they come up with, next.


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This kit has enough thumping kicks, crisp claps and hard snares to please all you hip hop producers, but it also contains acoustic sounding samples, and detailed percussion sounds that can be used in any style. I know I'll be using them from now on. And what I like too is the price. With the quality of samples they're selling, they could charge twice as much and their kit would still be worth the money!
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