An elite group of professional audio engineers and sound technicians dedicated to producing the best quality sound you can hear. MLA's Engineers and Sound Techs are accepted only by personal referral and precise evaluation to insure the highest quality in all of our productions. From live concerts, sporting events, studio engineering, sound design, podcast productions, field audio and foley we provide the best professional engineer for the job .










Consulting - Need technical upgrades? New Gear? Advice on all professional A/V systems? Start with a free consulting review on any production you may have, system installation, upgrades and remodels. 

Live Sound - What’s worse than spending all your budget on production and the sound is bad? Make sure you call the Majors for a professional sound engineer or technician to insure all of your productions sound as good as they can!

Recording - So you got what it takes and it’s time for others to hear? We got your back and everything else you need here in the Majors. From full band to solo artist and vocal recordings we produce with the best quality engineers and producers to insure your complete vision is met.

Sound Design - Its’ only as good as it sounds right? Everyone has seen a video with bad sound. Don’t let that happen to you! From short films to full feature movies, internet content to your music videos we can insure you that your project gets nothing less than the best sound design available.

Post Audio Editing - You did the work but don’t know what to do with it? Or maybe you don’t have the time? The audio is damaged or needs extreme editing? Or maybe it just needs an extra professional touch? We are here for you in all cases to get you to the finish line. 

AV/Sound Installation - Is it time for an upgrade? Gear out of date or not working? We provide all A/V installations needs from consulting, budgeting, purchasing, system installations, tuning, team training, and maintenance. We provide a top to bottom service for your next installation.

Foley Design - Need sound effects or custom sounds? Our Foley artist are creatively driven and dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. 

Field Recording - Shooting a video but need a sound guy? MLA is the way! We provide top professional gear used by the best sound guys and grips there may be! 

Podcast Production - With the world of podcasting becoming much more popular, it may be time for you to start your own, everyone’s doing it anyway so it must be easy right? but what if you don’t have the gear? Is it too hard? Or is it as simple as recording on your phone? We can guarantee you there’s much more to producing a successful podcast that reaches an audience than you may know. So let us help you get started. We offer ground up services from start-up gear to full production and editing. And even better than that, we offer training in video and audio recording and editing so you can learn to produce your very own show!

Studio Productions - Taking your band to the studio or wanting to mix up your next tracks for your album or concert, let us take the seat and show you what we can do here at MLA. From EPs, albums and singles we offer professional Studio Productions for all your studio needs. 

Our Goals / Values


Julian Buchanan, an Atlanta local native, graduating from GSU in business production & The Art Institute of Nashville with a dual degree in Audio Engineering and Video Productions. He is a professional live producer with over fifteen years experience in broadcast television, live events management, concert touring, music production, audio engineering, production management, audio/video editing, creative producing & technical directing. Julian has spent the last eight years consulting with bands, venues and churches for all  A/V installations and needs. Julian’s passion is producing excellence and you will see that in any production he’s a part of. 



Thomas Tucker is a Live Audio Engineer with a degree in Show Production and Touring from Full Sail University. With over a decade of experience in the industry working with national and regional artists on productions from large arenas and amphitheaters to small clubs and bars. He has over 8 years of experience in A/V installation, specializing in large venue, houses of worship and small venue PA systems. Thomas brings immeasurable value and audio quality to any production or event he's a part of. 


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